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Paper artist Zoe Bradley creates first public space paper art piece within Burlington Arcade London July 14, 2015 14:24 1 Comment

It’s been an extremely busy time for Zoe Bradley Design over the last couple of months. My brilliant and dedicated team worked tirelessly to achieve our first public space art installation. We were commissioned by Burlington Arcade, in the heart of London’s Mayfair to create two large hanging chandeliers for their Summer art exhibition and to coincide with the launch of their new beautiful crafted floor – which was 2 years in the making!

Together the two chandeliers consist of 1860 flowers made up from 9676 petals and 2100 leaves. I made the flowers and leaves from a range of 120gsm to 300gsm iridescent papers, known for its luminous finish. The floral chandeliers will hang in the Burlington space until September.
My aim is to transport the public into an exotic garden on their visit to Burlington Arcade, an oasis of luxury.
The designs of the chandeliers took their inspiration from another familiar public space artist Anish Kapoor, particularly his Cloud gate piece. I’m a great admirer of his work and how the scale plays with the environment. The illusion was to create an enormous bouquet of floating flowers'.

If you are in central London over this summer, please take some time to go visit the Arcade and share your thoughts and photos on @zoebradleydesign and @zbdesign. We'd love to see your photos. If you also happen to have a interesting (take that for large) space to fill, then please let us know. Both hand crafted paper chandeliers will be going up for sale in September, as I'm not sure we have room for them when they return to our studio!