Say I Love You with a Personal & Unique Valentines Gift Boxed Paper Rose by Zoe Bradley January 29, 2016 19:13

As we say good bye to a cold and gloomy January, we are turning our attention to much warmer matters of the heart with our hand made boxed paper roses.

As we enter into the month of February next week and our hearts race in anticipation on what might (or might not) drop through the letter box on 14th February, we'd like to give you a suggestion. Whether you are the giver or the receiver, a boxed paper rose from celebrated paper artist, Zoe Bradley really does tick that love box.

Order you very own personal handmade paper flower from paper artist Zoe Bradley by 6th February to avoid disappointment. These are hand crafted from our UK studio, each petal cut and curled (with love naturally). Each stem painstakingly hand wrapped in paper. Each leaf, precisely hand scored. These are then placed in their own white box with a small blank card and envelope for you to write that personal message of love to that special someone.


We know we can't compete with the wonderful floral fragrance you get from a large hand cut bunch of flowers. We love getting them just as much as you. However, these hand crafted paper flowers, will last much longer, dare we say forever. Our customers have told us they have them on display in their homes in their open box or have placed them in an antique glass single stem vase.

Each Flower comes with its own discreet embossed ZB logo. 

Please allow 7 days for delivery as each one is made to order. Due to the hand made nature, no two are the same. Go on and spoil somebody special this Valentines with a Zoe Bradley rose.